ICD-10 ( F40-F48 )

Neurotic, stress­related and somatoform disorders
F40 Phobic anxiety disorders 
F40.0 Agoraphobia 
.00 Without panic disorder
.01 With panic disorder
F40.1 Social phobias
F40.2 Specific ( isolated ) phobias
F40.8 Other phobic anxiety disorders
F40.9 Phobic anxiety disorder, unspecified
F41 Other anxiety disorders
F41.0 Panic disorder [ episodic paroxysmal anxiety ]
F41.1 Generalized anxiety disorder
F41.2 Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder
F41.3 Other mixed anxiety disorders
F41.8 Other specified anxiety disorders
F41.9 Anxiety disorder, unspecified
F42 Obsessive­compulsive disorder
F42.0 Predominantly obsessional thoughts or ruminations
F42.1 Predominantly compulsive acts [ obsessional rituals ]
F42.2 Mixed obsessional thoughts and acts
F42.8 Other obsessive­compulsive disorders
F42.9 Obsessive­compulsive disorder, unspecified
F43 Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders
F43.0 Acute stress reaction
F43.1 Post­traumatic stress disorder
F43.2 Adjustment disorders
.20 Brief depressive reaction
.21 Prolonged depressive reaction
.22 Mixed anxiety and depressive reaction
.23 With predominant disturbance of other emotions
.24 With predominant disturbance of conduct
.25 With mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct
.28 With other specified predominant symptoms
F43.8 Other reactions to severe stress
F43.9 Reaction to severe stress, unspecified
F44 Dissociative [ conversion ] disorders
F44.0 Dissociative amnesia
F44.1 Dissociative fugue
F44.2 Dissociative stupor
F44.3 Trance and possession disorders
F44.4 Dissociative motor disorders
F44.5 Dissociative convulsions
F44.6 Dissociative anaesthesia and sensory loss
F44.7 Mixed dissociative [ conversion ] disorders
F44.8 Other dissociative [ conversion ] disorders
.80 Ganser's syndrome
.81 Multiple personality disorder
.82 Transient dissociative [ conversion ] disorders occurring in childhood and adolescence
.88 Other specified dissociative [conversion] disorders
F44.9 Dissociative [conversion] disorder, unspecified
F45 Somatoform disorders
F45.0 Somatization disorder
F45.1 Undifferentiated somatoform disorder
F45.2 Hypochondriacal disorder
F45.3 Somatoform autonomic dysfunction
.30 Heart and cardiovascular system
.31 Upper gastrointestinal tract
.32 Lower gastrointestinal tract
.33 Respiratory system
.34 Genitourinary system
.38 Other organ or system
F45.4 Persistent somatoform pain disorder
F45.8 Other somatoform disorders
F45.9 Somatoform disorder, unspecified
F48 Other neurotic disorders
F48.0 Neurasthenia
F48.1 Depersonalization­derealization syndrome
F48.8 Other specified neurotic disorders
F48.9 Neurotic disorder, unspecified



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