ICD-10 ( F60-F69 )

Disorders of adult personality and behaviour

F60 Specific personality disorders
F60.0 Paranoid personality disorder F60.1 Schizoid personality disorder F60.2 Dissocial personality disorder F60.3 Emotionally unstable personality disorder .30 Impulsive type .31 Borderline type F60.4 Histrionic personality disorder F60.5 Anankastic personality disorder F60.6 Anxious [avoidant] personality disorder F60.7 Dependent personality disorder F60.8 Other specific personality disorders F60.9 Personality disorder, unspecified
F61 Mixed and other personality disorders F61.0 Mixed personality disorders F61.1 Troublesome personality changes
F62 Enduring personality changes, not attributable to brain damage and disease F62.0 Enduring personality change after catastrophic experience F62.1 Enduring personality change after psychiatric illness F62.8 Other enduring personality changes F62.9 Enduring personality change, unspecified
F63 Habit and impulse disorders F63.0 Pathological gambling F63.1 Pathological fire­setting [pyromania] F63.2 Pathological stealing [kleptomania] F63.3 Trichotillomania F63.8 Other habit and impulse disorders F63.9 Habit and impulse disorder, unspecified
F64 Gender identity disorders F64.0 Transsexualism F64.1 Dual­role transvestism F64.2 Gender identity disorder of childhood F64.8 Other gender identity disorders F64.9 Gender identity disorder, unspecified
F65 Disorders of sexual preference F65.0 Fetishism F65.1 Fetishistic transvestism F65.2 Exhibitionism F65.3 Voyeurism F65.4 Paedophilia F65.5 Sadomasochism F65.6 Multiple disorders of sexual preference F65.8 Other disorders of sexual preference F65.9 Disorder of sexual preference, unspecified
F66 Psychological and behavioural disorders associated with sexual development and orientation F66.0 Sexual maturation disorder F66.1 Egodystonic sexual orientation F66.2 Sexual relationship disorder F66.8 Other psychosexual development disorders F66.9 Psychosexual development disorder, unspecified A fifth character may be used to indicate association with:
.x0 Heterosexuality
.x1 omosexuality
.x2 Bisexuality
.x8 Other, including prepubertal
F68 Other disorders of adult personality and behaviour F68.0 Elaboration of physical symptoms for psychological reasons F68.1 Intentional production or feigning of symptoms or disabilities either physical or psychological [ factitious disorder ] F68.8 Other specified disorders of adult personality and behaviour
F69 Unspecified disorder of adult personality and behaviour



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